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How To Make Rose Rosé Wine Ice Cubes

Summer Water rose wine by Caroline on Crack

As if you really needed an excuse to drink rosé, it’s National Rosé Day tomorrow! This pink varietal has become the harbinger of the summer season, and not just straight out of the bottle but in cocktails, frozen rosé slushie (frosé!) and even as ice cubes. Now, when you Google “rosé wine ice cubes” all of the listings…

The Baller’s Guide to Napa Valley: Most Expensive Tasting Menu to VIP Wine Tasting

View from Poetry Inn by Caroline on Crack

OK, yes, Napa is an expensive place to visit. Even staying at a Best Western in downtown Napa can be a $300-a-night affair! But that’s not too surprising considering Napa is touted as the premier wine region of California. Our entire state has over 700 miles of wine country and 107 AVAs, but everyone the…

What To Make With Matthew Biancaniello’s Coffee Cynar

Matthew Biancaniello by Caroline on Crack

For my Los Angeles Magazine Liquid LA post today, I shared mixmaster Matthew Biancaniello’s recipe for his coffee Cynar. A recipe so simple, mixing two things that naturally seem perfect together! I had had it again recently and knew I had to learn how to finally make it myself so I’d have a never-ending supply….

Rodney Strong Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet for an Easy Wine Party

Wine party guests by Caroline on Crack

As much as I love wine now, I’ve never hosted a wine-paired dinner before because apart from the fact that I still don’t really feel comfortable with my wine pairing abilities 1) I don’t cook and 2) I don’t even own a dining room table. So when Rodney Strong Vineyards invited me to be one…

Get Your Cocktail Fix at LA Times The Taste’s Pop-Up Bars

LA Times The Taste by Caroline on Crack

Food events usually have lots to drink for oenophiles, leaving avid cocktail lovers, well, thirsty. Unfair! But fortunately at this weekend’s LA Times’ The Taste, in addition to a “secret cocktail lab,” there will be “pop-up bars” featuring some of your favorite L.A. bartenders and their specialty drinks. Each bar will spotlight a sponsored spirit with the…

What Not To Pair With Your Fancy Cabernet Sauvignon

Sequoia Grove Winery wine pairing by Caroline on Crack

Since taking that Court of Master Sommeliers introductory exam earlier this year, a whole new world has open up to me. All this time I thought cocktails were a fine thing to pair with food because you can create one to complement the flavors of a dish. But wine… Ah wine. Wine is naturally perfect…

Giveaway: 2nd Annual Father’s Day Collabrewtive Brunch Tickets

2nd Annual Collabrewtive Brunch by Caroline on Crack

This Father’s Day why not get something special for yourself and your father? Just imagine: You and your daddy strolling through Tiato Santa Monica at the 2nd Annual Father’s Day Collabrewtive Brunch by Food GPS and Firestone Walker, bonding over brews — both the beer and coffee kinds. And this year’s event is even larger…

How To Do Santa Barbara Wine Tasting in a Few Hours

Santa Barbara Wine and Eric Railsback by Caroline on Crack

Sommelier Eric Railsback loves wine so much that even before he was of legal drinking age he was trying to stock up on Burgundy. Cut to now when he’s 29, and he’s made a name for himself not just in the wine world as a protege of Rajat Parr and one of Food & Wine‘s…

Cigars and Scotch: Which Cigars To Pair With Glenlivet

I’m not a smoker and yet one of my guilty pleasures is having a cigar with a bit of scotch. Something about taking that time to slow down for a small sip and a drag and ruminate over how the flavors intermingle on your tongue that just says, “Ahhh, now THIS is the life. Where…

My Favorite Finds at Artisanal LA Spring 2014

Spoon Me Sweetly's Unicorn Poop at Artisanal LA by Caroline on Crack

Artisanal LA has long been my favorite event for one-stop shopping and discovering new favorite, local artisans. And even though Artisanal LA Spring 2014 was smaller than in the previous year and I couldn’t find my past favorites from that fall 2013 show, like Donut Snob and Phoney Baloney’s vegan bacon, I still managed to wade…