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Get LA/SF City Experts (and Me) in Your Back Pocket With the New Know What City Guides App


You’re out and about in LA and in need of the nearest watering hole. But being a connoisseur of fine cocktails and/or craft beers, you only want to find the very best places in your immediate area. Searching for bars via Yelp will pull up too many options. And then there’s that matter of having…

Blog Bite: Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate Mix at Madame Chocolat Beverly Hills

Madame Chocolat by Caroline on Crack

Renowned chocolatier Jacques Torres, aka Mr. Chocolate, makes one of the most amazing hot chocolate mixes I’ve ever had: Wicked Chocolate. The spiciness of ancho chili, allspice, cinnamon and chipotle chili peppers with that rich chocolate. The perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up when mixed with steamed vanilla soy. Um. Yum! When I was visiting New York years…