Game On: Barcade Grand Opening Party


I heard of Barcade a long time ago but it was described to me as an underground arcade in someone’s 2nd floor K-Town apartment. (Check it out, there’s even a listing for it in But after reading up on it in CalendarLive it sounds like something definitely worth checking out. Old school gamers who remember classics like Galaga, Rampage and Joust will loooove it, especially since here each play only costs a quarter. Heck, I loves it! In fact, why don’t we as a society go back to 25-cent-per-play games?

From CalendarLive:

If it’s been a while since you’ve flexed your thumbs at Joust or honed your hand-eye coordination with Galaga, you needn’t wait any longer — and here you can ply yourself with alcohol and enjoy the sounds of a live DJ.

Tunes are supplied by resident and guest djs most nights:

MONDAYS: Brickems and friends

TUESDAYS: Randy J and friends

WEDNESDAYS: “SERTAO” DJ Nuts, B+, Coleman and friends


FRIDAYS: “THE TILT” Sick Vic, Sheak and friends

SATURDAYS: “HOLLYWOOD HIGH” Danny Holloway and friends.

The only thing is, there’s no hard liquor. You’ve got your pick of beer ($2 PBR) and wine. If you’re realllly hungry there’s $6 Super Ramen available…do people still eat that stuff?

Even though Barcade is already open, a grand opening party next week will make it official.


371 N. Western Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90004
(323) 465-5045
Hours: 8pm-2am Mon-Sat
Amount: No cover

2 Responses to Game On: Barcade Grand Opening Party
  1. gerard
    February 8, 2007 | 12:44 pm

    RIP Anna Nicole Smith… lets play video games to escape the harsh reality!!!!!

  2. Caroline
    February 8, 2007 | 3:54 pm

    Isn’t that weird? I wonder if it was because of TrimSpa?

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