Fraiche Culver City's Pre-Prohibition Nights: $1 Bites, $5 Cocktails

Ever since Albert Trummer left Fraiche Culver City back in 2008 to go and open up his own bar, Apotheke in New York City, Fraiche’s cocktail program has never been the same. But now there’s a new bartender behind the stick: Kiowa Bryan, formerly of the Soho House where she trained under The Varnish’s Chris Ojeda. She’s looking to put the restaurant’s bar program on the map.

I’d say she’s starting on the right foot by introducing a new bar night for boozers on a budget: Pre-Prohibition Nights, with select half-price classic cocktails and 1920s-priced bar bites.

$1 bites include: oysters, shrimp, anrancini, soup shooter, tuna tartare, cheese Panini and buratta crostini

$5 cocktails include: Aviation, Daquiri, Clover Club, Sidecar, Old Fashioned, French 75 (gin or cognac), El Presidente, Sazerac, Manhattan (!), Bijou. And 50 cents for the Fish House Punch.

It kicks off tonight at 9pm and runs til 1am (or 11:30pm, depending on the turnout). The flyer she sent me said, “Dress to impress” but Kiowa said, “Dressing up not necessary, but encouraged.” Regardless Fraiche won’t let you come in wearing flipflops anyway.

I’m just happy that they have $5 Sazeracs and Manhattans. Wonder how crazy that tiny bar area in the restaurant will get.


Fraiche Culver City
9411 Culver Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232 (map)
(310) 839-6800
Facebook: Fraiche Restaurant
Twitter: @FraicheCuisine

One Response to Fraiche Culver City's Pre-Prohibition Nights: $1 Bites, $5 Cocktails
  1. Food Luvah
    October 17, 2010 | 4:48 pm

    I went to this – good tip and great prices. Yes, it hasn’t been the same since Albert left, and I got a taste of his infamous bar on fire trick when I said hi at Apotheke.
    My big pet peeve, piqued heavily at Fraiche, is when bartenders don’t bother to SHAKE THE DRINKS. We watched in amazement as Miss Bryan (I assume it was her) would shake each drink literally 2-3 seconds. In almost an hour of sitting at the bar I never saw he shake anything more than 5 seconds – and yes, I’m a cocktail nerd, I counted.
    So overly strong and not very cold drinks were coming out. “Quit yer bitching it’s $5!” is one approach I suppose, the other is for her to put another 5 seconds of effort into each drink and take them from so-so to great.

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