Stay for the Beer: Boho, Mohawk Bend, Rosewood Tavern

Rosewood Tavern beer flight by Caroline on Crack
Rosewood Tavern beer flight by Caroline on Crack

Rosewood Tavern's beer flight with one taster mysteriously missing. Hmm.

Being a foodist, you get pretty particular…OK, anal about your restaurant experience. Does the server fill your water glass in a timely manner, does the waitress give you a five-minute warning before last call for happy hour,  how’s the price-to-portion ratio? So when I come across a restaurant where the overpriced food is less than stellar, the service horrible and the cocktails blah, I usually never return. Why would I when there are so many eateries in L.A. that actually hit all the marks?

But lately there seems to be a handful of restaurants that despite all of the above have that one saving grace, the one thing that is a sure way to keep me coming back for more: a well-crafted craft beer tap list. Here are three such restaurants with beer lists that should not be dismissed.

Decor at Boho by Caroline on Crack

OK, creepy decor wouldn't usually be enough of a turnoff but it doesn't help either.

Boho Hollywood: The new location of this gastropub, “Hollywood’s first gastropub,” may be a turnoff to any Angeleno who fears the hordes of tourists in Hollywood and Highland. Or maybe it’s the creepy old-lady decor (check out that scary doll over its doorway), tourist-trap priced dishes or lackluster service but one thing that should not be dismissed is its beer selection. With 24 taps curated by none other than Ryan Sweeney of craft beer bars The Surly Goat and Verdugo, it’s all hits. If the Allagash Curieux or The Bruery’s Autumn Maple is over the head for most visitors to L.A., there’s always Boho’s beer flight option where four tasters are $11 and you can sample before you commit to a pint or goblet. Also, happy hour Monday-Friday 4-7pm and Saturday 2-5pm scores you draft beer for $5, as well as $4-$7 bar bites.

Mohawk Bend by Caroline on Crack

Mohawk Bend has a gorgeous back room in which to enjoy its equally gorgeous beer list.

Mohawk Bend: This gorgeous Echo Park movie-theater-turned-barestaurant’s tag line is “Commitment to Craft” and with 72 craft beer taps that change daily, it ain’t kidding. With a focus on California, you’ll find 65 craft beers from the Golden state with the rest of the taps filled out by a monthly featured out-of-state brewer. Sure, there is also a specialty cocktail list created with California-based spirits, but unless you like sweet drinks, stick to the beer. If you’re intimidated by the huge selection, just ask the bartender for a suggestion and a taste. By the way, the food here is hit or miss but you can’t go wrong with the “Keenwah” salad, fire-roasted artichoke and the olive tapenade and flatbread.

Rosewood Tavern by Caroline on Crack

Enjoy a tasty brew at the bar or the communal table at Rosewood Tavern.

Rosewood Tavern: Just down the street from other beer-serious eatery, Golden State Cafe, this tavern on Fairfax Avenue boasts not only an intensive whiskey selection but a beautiful 28-tap list. The food may be overpriced and unimpressive but at least they’ve got the likes of Eel River Triple Exultation, Stone Smoked Porter and Eagle Rock Solidarity. So if Golden State is packed, just grab a seat at the bar or communal table and order up a tasty brew or a flight ($13 for four tasters). And word of caution, the service here usually starts out great but toward the end you’ll wonder where your server disappeared to, seriously, so make sure to double up on your beer before that happens. Regarding the lead photo, one taster was missing from my flight because the bartender didn’t realize I wanted a taster of Black Market Brown Ale so poured me a regular pint of it. Not that I’m complaining! Score!

Beer BTW: If you love beer flights as much as I do (instant beer fest!), here’s my list of the top five craft beer bars for beer flights as published on LA Weekly‘s Squid Ink.

6 Responses to Stay for the Beer: Boho, Mohawk Bend, Rosewood Tavern
  1. crystal
    August 29, 2011 | 1:12 pm

    Was at Rosewood Friday and completely agree! Service started great then faded. Food was nothing to write home about and my date wasn’t feeling so hot after he ate his meal.

    The beer list was awesome though so looks like only beer and small plates for me from now on.

  2. Caroline on Crack
    August 29, 2011 | 1:16 pm

    Yeah, it’s a shame but all reports are pretty consistent with complaints about the service there. So gonna double fist there from now on.

  3. quarrygirl
    August 29, 2011 | 4:29 pm

    i think this post is pretty dead on. i go to boho and rosewood a couple times per week just to drink, and i love both places. and while i do happen to like the food at mohawk, i’m usually just there to grab a beer.

    i have never encountered bad service at rosewood though, maybe because i always go early and sit at the bar. there’s a scottish bartender who works there named martin who is super friendly and attentive.

    anyways, it’s 4:30pm. time go get a beer!

  4. Caroline on Crack
    August 29, 2011 | 4:52 pm

    I’ve actually gone to Rosewood when it was quite empty and our server, although really nice, still disappeared toward the end of our meal. He was chatting with his co-worker at the bar and we had to wave our hands frantically to get his attention so we could get our bill. That wasn’t the first time something like that happened there unfortunately. But I’ll give sitting at the bar a chance. That’s usually my favorite spot anywhere anyway. 🙂

  5. Mike
    August 29, 2011 | 11:35 pm

    Someone explain to me how rosewood is overpriced. Well, if you are homeless maybe, but not otherwise. Next time take a look at the menu and re-assess. Seriously. Dining there a couple a nights a week. Dear writers, compare to anywhere else and calculate.

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