I Drink, Therefore I ‘Gram: Social Media Apps for Drinkers

Social media apps for drinkers by Caroline on Crack
Favorite social media apps for virtual cheersing.

“Wait! Don’t drink that yet!”

For most people, drinking is a one-activity-at-a-time thing. But for a social media addict, it’s the opportunity to share nearly every aspect of the drinking experience. Minus the smells and tastes of course. A shame. It’s no secret that I have an Instagram addiction. I just want a souvenir of all the beautiful, delicious treats that come into my life as well as to document what I consume. (Plus it really helps me compile my end-of-the-year “favorite drinks” list.) But lately it’s not just pictures I want to share. Social media apps are also great ways to keep track of your favorite libations and drink spots and in some cases even facilitate buying that new favorite bottle. So here are my must-download apps for sharing.

If you have any more suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Untappd: If you’re an avid craft beer drinker then you’re probably already familiar with this fun social media app. It’s sort of like Foursquare except with beer, where you can check into what beer you’re imbibing and where you’re imbibing it. You even get badges for drinking a lot of IPAs, high-ABV beers and 2,500 beers. You can rate the beer, toast friends and take a photo of that perfect pint. I like to use it to share what goodness I’m drinking on Twitter and Facebook at the moment. I find it especially handy for keeping track of what I’m drinking when I’m making the rounds at beer fests.

Delectable: OK, I LOVE this app. Since I’m studying for the Court of Master Sommeliers introductory exam in May (eek!), I’ve been taking notes of every glass of wine I drink. But while on a trip to a tasting room in Sonoma, a wine guy introduced me to Delectable and I was immediately hooked. Not only can I take notes of the wine but I can follow wine pros like Rajat Parr and Matthew Kaner and see what they’re drinking. What’s even more awesome about this app is that you take a photo of the wine label and the app identifies the wine for you. There’s no having to type in the maker, region, varietal, year! And, AND! if you like the wine a lot it even gives you the option to buy it somewhere. But I really use that feature to look up a wine and see if I’m being ripped off. Heh. Lately I’ve gotten addicted to “collecting” all the wine regions. It’s like collecting badges. Speaking of which, anyone know where I can taste wines from Slovenia?

Pinterest: This isn’t a new one at all but it is a favorite. You can make it what you want but I’ve been loving it for sharing bars I want to visit (extra awesome thanks to the mapping feature), cocktail recipes I want to try, favorite how-to cocktail videos¬†and even hangover remedies.

2 Responses to I Drink, Therefore I ‘Gram: Social Media Apps for Drinkers
  1. Michael / South Bay Foodies
    April 3, 2014 | 10:46 pm

    You gotta check out Evernote Food for taking notes on all things meal related. Lets you journal meals with title, location, date/time, cuisine, notes, and photos. Links directly to your Evernote account.

    For video creators, check out Tastemade. I haven’t used it but I’ve seen the results. It walks you step by step through making an awesome video for an experience at your favorite places to eat/drink/hangout. Only for iPhone though which makes me and my Samsung GS3 sad.

  2. David leibner
    April 12, 2014 | 6:40 pm

    Best social site app for drinkers with friends is http://www.itson.me. Buy a friend a drink anywhere instantly from your phone. Good for foodies as well.

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