About Caroline

Photo by Matthew Kang

At La Descarga. Photo by Matthew Kang

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  • Umm…
  • Female
  • Los Angeles

Everyday essentials

  • Twitter/Vine/Instagram
  • Writing in this blog
  • Tonx coffee

Claim to fame

  • One of the first cocktail bloggers in L.A.
  • Weekend event announcer on Carson Daly’s “AMP Mornings” radio show
  • Won three of LA Weekly‘s Los Angeles Web Awards

I can’t

  • Give a speech
  • Tell a lie
  • Resist sweets


  • Well-made classic cocktails under $10
  • Free parking
  • Day drinking


  • Cover charges for bars
  • Meters that end at 8pm
  • Happy hours that end at 6pm

What do I drink at home?

  • Stirred, aromatic cocktails
  • Craft beer, preferably Porters
  • Sparkling rose

What I must do before I die