Is Caroline on Crack?

For those of you who stumbled on this site expecting to see a girl on crack, sorry to disappoint. Nope, all you get here is me and my ramblings about fun stuff to do in Los Angeles.

Ya see, I’ve lived in the city for over 20 years and I fell in love with its diversity and its culture. I eventually got addicted to researching and exploring what’s going on in L.A. Then in 2005 my friend Michael (Oh, Great and Powerful Webmaster) saw value in my hobby and said I should start a blog. He then built one for me.

In the first few years of Caroline on Crack, I’d blatantly cut and paste reviews from online publications (with credit and links of course) of places and events I wanted to check out and totally left my personal life out of my posts. Back then, blogs were basically online journals, grammatical errors and stream of consciousness. But I wanted to create a resource for people, not talk about what’s going on with me.

As you can see, that didn’t last long. Soon I created a persona: good time girl on a budget. And when the cocktail craze hit L.A. for the first time in 2007 in the form of Cedd Moses’ Seven Grand where I befriended then general manager Aidan Demarest and then bartender Damian Windsor, I became one of the first cocktail bloggers in our city and have been doing it ever since!

The name “Caroline on Crack” came from a reviews page I used to do for an e-zine I published with my brother and sister back in the mid-’90s. Credit my sister Jennifer for the unusual but fitting moniker.

Cut to now and this blog has won three L.A. Weekly Web Awards as well as an CBS MVP award. And I also picked up blogging gigs with LA publications like LAist, LA Weekly and BBC Travel Los Angeles, and even had a weekly segment on Carson Daly’s morning radio show. (More clips here.) Currently I freelance for, Eater LA and LAist.