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Where to Booze It Up for Dine L.A.

Chef Jose Andres cocktails dine L.A.

If you’re anything like me, you decide which restaurant you go to by how good of a cocktail program they have. No? Just me? OK, well I browsed through the lonnng list of participating dine L.A. restaurants, 430 to be exact, to pick out the ones that happen to have a great bar program in…

10 Best Cocktail Menus of 2018

Best cocktail menus Bar Centro

Nowadays, a cocktail bar has to do more than simply follow a classic cocktail template to turn heads. Housemade ingredients and a strong garnish game aren’t going to cut it anymore. Besides, there are so many great bars with new ones practically opening every day, not to mention the breadth of talented bartenders in L.A….

L.A. Tiki Mug Gift Guide

Clifton's Cafeteria Tiki Mugs

If you’re like me: addicted to acquiring Tiki mugs. LOTS of Tiki mugs. Send help rum! You’ll be happy to know that there are places in L.A. that sell these coveted cups. I’m not just talking Trader Sam’s, Tiki Ti or Tonga Hut, although those are still my favorites. But now there’s Clifton’s Cafeteria downtown,…

Three Ways To Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars Force Awakens fans

If you’re a big fan of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens, at this point you’ve most likely seen it seven-plus times. I’ve only seen it three times — all while sporting my cozy Tauntaun hoodie of course — but made sure to watch it in different theaters: on a huge screen in 3D, in a…

The Baller’s Guide to Napa Valley: Most Expensive Tasting Menu to VIP Wine Tasting

View from Poetry Inn by Caroline on Crack

OK, yes, Napa is an expensive place to visit. Even staying at a Best Western in downtown Napa can be a $300-a-night affair! But that’s not too surprising considering Napa is touted as the premier wine region of California. Our entire state has over 700 miles of wine country and 107 AVAs, but everyone the…

Bubbly by the Glass: Where To Drink Expensive Champagne Solo in L.A.

Usually expensive champagne like Krug or Dom Pérignon can only be had by the bottle. But what if you just want a simple sipper to celebrate solo? (Say that three times fast.) Or you do not want to break the bank on a whole bottle? Fortunately there are a ton of places in Los Angeles —…

Where To Drink in Hollywood: Power House, Lost Property, Sassafras Saloon

Sassafras Saloon's Talking Bird by Caroline on Crack

Oh lawdy, Hollywood has gotten a whole bunch of new drinking options! This week for Los Angeles Magazine’s Liquid LA alone I covered three new cocktail programs created by high-caliber bartenders. And the best part is that all three bars are within walking distance of each other! OK, maybe it’ll be a long walk in…

Halloween 2014: Spooky Punches, Neon Parties, Haunted Bars

Halloween punch: The Wellesbourne Jeepers Creepers Punch

Halloween is the BEST holiday of the entire year. Costumes, candy, scary movie marathons! Come on! And this year there are a ton of fun opportunities to show off the costume you worked on all year…or, if you’re like me, the one that you patched together with things from our closet. Here are my picks…

UPDATED: 100 Things To Try in LA Before You Die

100 Things to Try in LA Before You Die Griffith Observatory by Caroline on Crack

Back in 2009 I wrote up my LA bucket list “100 Things To Try in LA Before You Die.” It was a Valentine to the city I’ve called my home for nearly 20 years. It for sure is a personal list made up of activities that I thought would make anyone fall deeper and deeper…

I Drink, Therefore I ‘Gram: Social Media Apps for Drinkers

Social media apps for drinkers by Caroline on Crack

For most people, drinking is a one-activity-at-a-time thing. But for a social media addict, it’s the opportunity to share nearly every aspect of the drinking experience. Minus the smells and tastes of course. A shame. It’s no secret that I have an Instagram addiction. I just want a souvenir of all the beautiful, delicious treats…