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10 Pound Debuts New Dream Dinner Menu + Cocktails

In L.A. most bars update their menus seasonally. But for Macallan-intensive cocktail bar 10 Pound, located at The Montage in Beverly Hills, it took two years. And now not only does it have two new cocktails on its menu but a new chef! Yup, no longer are the bar bites retrieved from Scarpetta downstairs. Not that…

Montage’s 10 Pound Turns Into a Mezcaleria for One Night Only

Mezcal at Dusk guest bartender Steve Livigni by Caroline on Crack

If you happen to have $1,000 kicking around your bank account and no plans for tomorrow night, Chase Foundation‘s intimate charity event “Mezcal at Dusk” happens to have eight tickets still up for grabs. The 75-person capacity shindig will turn the Montage’s luxurious Macallan bar, £10 (10 Pound), into a mezcaleria for the evening. Party…

Everything I Drank This Week: $3,000 Vodka to Gin & Juiced

Elit by Stoli cocktail by Caroline on Crack

This week’s cocktail adventures had me drinking in near proximity to celebrity types as well as presenting an award about booze. Yes, pretty fancy times which were further enhanced by enjoying rare gems like $3,000 vodka and 22-year-old scotch. Monday For the inaugural Carpano Antica Formula Video awards, I had to present one of the…

Dive Barfly Reports on Macallan Tasting at Exclusive 10 Pound Bar in Beverly Hills

Ever since 10 Pound (£10), the Macallan exclusive bar, opened up at the Montage Beverly Hills earlier this year, I’ve been dying to get my grubby, unmanicured hands on its Scotch glasses. But since I’m on a broke girl budget, I could only fantasize about hitting up this reservations-only bar with its $50 minimum.

So when an invite to a special Macallan event came my way I impetuously said, “Yes! Yes! Oh yes!” Unfortunately I had completely forgotten that I was going out of town that same night. Argh! Not wanting this coveted invitation to go to waste I asked my friend, David (@kleemo) if he minded drinking fine Scotch in a private Beverly Hills bar for me. Unsurprisingly he acquiesced. Turns out he had a date scheduled that night but the two didn’t mind the fancy detour.