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Working the Nightshift Cocktail at The Parish Los Angeles

The Parish's The Nightshift by Caroline on Crack

For the uninitiated (me) walking up to Tasting Kitchen chef Casey Lane’s new downtown Los Angeles bar/restaurant, The Parish, can cause a bit of confusion. You see a wedge of an eatery with lots of windows and sparse seating pointing out toward the intersection where Spring and Main connect at 9th street. That’s it?! Where’s…

10 Things I Learned From 7 Years of Blogging on CoC

Aidan Demarest and me by Jennifer Low Photography

I’m not claiming to be an expert of anything by posting this list. Nope, these are just things I picked up during my seven years of blogging that I wanted to share. After all, this blog has come a long way from its beginnings of rants and long quoted passages, right? Riiight? At least I…

The 7th Blogiversary Speech You Probably Won’t Hear Tonight

Hollywood intersection by Caroline on Crack

Like most people I’m deathly afraid of public speaking — dropped out of several public speaking classes because of this paralyzing fear — but every now and then I can tap into that part of myself that’s “Caroline on Crack,” my alter ego, the party girl who’s out and about town making new friends. But…

Bow and Truss in NoHo: High-End Cocktails at Valley Prices

Bow & Truss' Sherry Cobbler by Caroline on Crack

NoHo Arts District neighborhoodies are benefiting from the boredom of Liquid Assets cocktail consultants Aidan Demarest and Marcos Tello. At the new Bow and Truss restaurant, which just opened this week on Magnolia Boulevard, the pair thought outside the box for the cocktail program. After doing eight bars in five years, which include The Raymond…

Haunted Bars in LA: Boos With Your Booze

Haunted Bar One-Eyed Gypsy's Estrella fortune teller by Efren Gerard Pardilla

Hot new bars and clubs come and go in L.A. but sometimes certain patrons stay long past the final closing time. I’m talking ghosts. Historic venues like the Hollywood Roosevelt, Yamashiro and Venice’s Del Monte Speakeasy are teeming with spirits. With the long and colorful history our city, ahem, possesses, it was bound to happen….

Uber Car Service: An Instant (and Stylish) Designated Driver

Uber pickup by Caroline on Crack

It’s rough being a cocktail enthusiast in Los Angeles. How can you enjoy cocktails at all your favorite bars in a sprawling city that suffers from a limited transportation system? I want my beachside Metro stop, dammit! L.A. was ripe for an on-demand private car service like Uber. Plusher than a taxi cab and more…

Tom Bergin’s Tavern Is Open and Irish Whiskey Fans Are Smiling

Tom Bergin's Tavern Irish coffee cocktails by Caroline on Crack

For those in the back who didn’t hear, yes, the revamped Tom Bergin’s Tavern on Fairfax Avenue in Mid-City is now open. And not to fret, fans of the iconic Irish bar, the only real changes are its Irish whiskey list, its food and the smell of its interior. Suffice it to say, all changes…

This Weekend: Attack of the Largest Margarita, Ode to Lambics, All the Clear Spirits You Can Drink

Friday, May 4 New Tequila/Mescal Bar La Cuevita Opens in Highland Park The bar group that brought you Oldfield’s and Bigfoot Lodge rethemed its Highland Park goth bar Little Cave, turning it into a Mexican-themed bar celebrating the Eastside’s Hispanic roots with anĀ  impressive selection of agave spirits and specialty cocktails by Jared Mort (Oldfield’s)…

Life Lessons From Gadabout Aidan Demarest + Guest Tending Night With Christy Pope and Naomi Schimek

Aidan Demarest by Caroline on Crack

The best thing that’s ever happened to me was being stood up by Aidan Demarest, owner of Neat bar in Glendale and Stoli Elit ambassador. One night we were supposed to meet at Mixology 101 at the Farmers Market but after an hour and a cocktail and still no Aidan, I figured he was either…

Blogger Barhop 2012: Whirlwind Cocktail Tour With Nine LA Bars in One Night

Toasting to Ray at Tiki Ti by Caroline on Crack

Los Angeles is where I matured, drinkingwise I mean. I turned 21 here, fell in love with my first cocktail (White Russian) and quickly realized which bar scene I preferred (low-key lounge as opposed to sceney nightclub). So when Aidan Demarest of Neat and I brainstormed which bars we wanted to hit up for Blogger…