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The Macallan Bar Hop: Three Schmancy LA Bars, Free-Flowing Scotch and a TV Star

Macallan bar hop tour guides by Caroline on Crack

In my years of CoCing, I’ve been on many a bar hop but I have to say that the Macallan-sponsored one last week that took a bunch of bloggers on a tour of three bars in L.A. and plied them with Macallan scotch had to be the fanciest. Oh hullo, here’s me sipping on a…

Everything I Drank This Week: $3,000 Vodka to Gin & Juiced

Elit by Stoli cocktail by Caroline on Crack

This week’s cocktail adventures had me drinking in near proximity to celebrity types as well as presenting an award about booze. Yes, pretty fancy times which were further enhanced by enjoying rare gems like $3,000 vodka and 22-year-old scotch. Monday For the inaugural Carpano Antica Formula Video awards, I had to present one of the…