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Brunch Cocktails That Will Awaken the Dead

The Eveleigh's Corpse Reviver #2 brunch cocktail by Caroline on Crack

To prepare you for the weekend, I present five brunch cocktails from some of my favorite L.A. spots for brunching. Put them on your radar should you ever find yourself rolling out of bed Saturday/Sunday morning with a sweet hangover. There’s even a cocktail recipe so you can self-medicate at home if need be. The…

Sunny Spot’s New Weekend Brunch Debuts on Mother’s Day

Bridgetown Swizzle by Caroline on Crack

Two things I’ve been waiting to happen with Chef Roy Choi’s newish Venice restaurant Sunny Spot: 1) happy hour and 2) weekend brunch on that patio. Like every new restaurant, it was biding its time, waiting til it got its bearings before it could go ahead with more new menus. And now, six months after…

Roy Choi’s Sunny Spot: It’s Always Sunny on Washington Blvd

Sunny Spot by Caroline on Crack

It’s been a long time since I’ve been somewhere that’s made me downright giddy. And leave it to a restaurant called Sunny Spot to do just that. Chef Roy Choi of Chego and A-Frame opened his Caribbean eatery last November, taking over the old Beechwood spot on Washington Boulevard in Venice. And everything about the…