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Favorite Sips & Bites of 6th Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine

Pebble Beach Food & Wine Tyler Florence's bone marrow by Caroline on Crack

Annual food event Pebble Beach Food & Wine is a haven for any well-to-do foodist (and the occasional lucky blogger). It’s where celebrity chefs from around the country show off their best dishes and acclaimed winemakers their best vino via the various dinners, parties and seminars. Since this was my first time at PBFW, I…

This Weekend: Evil Dead and Beer, Boozing for Charity, Caviar Party for the 1 Percent

Thursday, November 10 Pint Night and Evil Dead Double Feature at Naja’s Place Has any other such combination of words sounded more magical? Not only will Redondo Beach’s beer haven screen two of the best horror movies (so fun to watch with a group) but it’ll also debut a specialty beer from Smog City Brewing….

This Weekend: Traveling Beer Garden, Free Tequila, Caviar 101

Getting an early start on the weekend since I’m outtie, which is a shame since there are tons of fun (and tasty) stuff going on. Thursday, April 7 Caviar 101 at Petrossian The best way to enjoy caviar? Learning about it while pairing it with champagne or vodka. Yum! At this Monthly caviar class, you…

10 Things I Learned About Caviar From Petrossian West Hollywood

Check me out eating caviar at my desk this morning. That’s right, me, Ms. Foodie on a Budget. True, these three tins of caviar were left over from my tres fancy and comped Caviar 101 dinner which was created by chef Ben Bailly at Petrossian West Hollywood last night but still! Who would have thought…