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Favorite Bites and Sips at Angeleno’s Live and Dine LA 2013

Live & Dine LA 2013 Rustic Canyon's goat cheese crostini by Caroline on Crack

Angeleno Magazine’s annual Live & Dine L.A. is one of those can’t-miss food fests. Noshing and imbibing at the elegant Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica. Just check out last year’s highlights. This year’s fest, however, was smaller and relocated back under the grand old fig tree. Just as well since the line to get into…

5 Fancypants Happy Hours: Comme Ca to Spago on the Cheap

AOC's happy hour cocktail by Caroline on Crack

There comes a moment in a drinker’s life when happy hour loses its appeal, when you’d rather pay full price for a well-made cocktail than $5 for a joyless one. That’s where I am. But recently it seems lots of high-end joints are coming to the dark discounted side, offering their fancy, quality drinks and…