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Cocktail Recipe: Chris Day’s Butterbeer Cocktail

Butter-washed Black Cow Vodka by Caroline on Crack

Looking for something fun and different — with a touch of nerdiness — to serve at your holiday party? Lucky for you barman Christopher Day (Bar Tribute, Redbird) created this recipe for a boozy butterbeer. Your Harry Potter-loving guests will squeal. It’s no coincidence that this recipe uses a butter-washed Black Cow Vodka as Chris…

Cocktail Recipe: Ostrich Farm’s Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri at Ostrich Farm by Caroline on Crack

We may be nearing the end of summer but I say go out with a bang and blend up huge batches of frozen strawberry daiquiri while they’re still in season. And one of the best frozen strawberry daiquiris I’ve ever tasted was at Ostrich Farm in Echo Park, where barman Jeremy Simpson serves up them…

What To Make With Matthew Biancaniello’s Coffee Cynar

Matthew Biancaniello by Caroline on Crack

For my Los Angeles Magazine Liquid LA post today, I shared mixmaster Matthew Biancaniello’s recipe for his coffee Cynar. A recipe so simple, mixing two things that naturally seem perfect together! I had had it again recently and knew I had to learn how to finally make it myself so I’d have a never-ending supply….

Cocktail Recipe: The Pinkerton by AOC’s Christiaan Rollich

The Pinkerton by Christiaan Rollich

For Saturday’s LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade (one of my fave food fests) which raises funds to fight childhood cancer, Christiaan Rollich of Lucques, Tavern and AOC will be doing up a malty, rich beer cocktail for the good-hearted masses. Tickets for the event, which takes place at the Culver Studios from 12 to 4pm, are…

Soho House’s Picante de la Casa: Cocktail Recipe for Your BBQ

Picante de la Casa courtesy of Soho House

For Los Angeles Magazine‘s Grilling Week, I was charged with coming up with a post that highlighted some of the best cocktails to make at your barbecue party, you know, drinks that paired well with all that smoked/grilled meats. Because sometimes you want more than beer with your ‘cue. Fortunately a few of the best…

White Russians in L.A. To Celebrate 15 Years of The Dude Abiding

Cole's White Russian by Caroline on Crack

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of The Big Lebowski today (I feel so old), I thought I’d share some of my favorite White Russians available in L.A. Now, I was never a hard-core fan of the movie featuring everyone’s favorite bathrobed anti-hero but count me the number-one fan of this creamy, coffee concoction. In…

The Tequila Lover’s Margarita Recipe by Bartender Cari Hah

Tequila lover Cari Hah by Caroline on Crack

Nothing celebrates Friday like a Margarita recipe, right? For my latest “Essential Cocktails” post for Los Angeles Magazine‘s Digest blog, which went up this morning, I interviewed Las Perlas’ Raul Yrastorza on how to make and where to find the best margarita. Check it out and either make it for yourself today or make a…

The Operator Cocktail Recipe by Providence’s Zahra Bates

Providence's Zahra Bates by Caroline on Crack

Bartender Zahra Bates’ days at Providence are ticking down. After five years of working at the two-Michelin-star restaurant, where she was trained by Vincenzo Marianella, 2012 Spirited Awards American Bartender of the Year nominee, and where she’s made a name for herself thanks to her innovative culinary cocktails, Zahra is leaving. She wanted to free…

Halloween Cocktails in LA: Zombie Punch to Sacrificial Chicken

Big Kid Juice Box courtesy of Corner Door

Don’t let this year’s unfortunate placement of Halloween in the middle of a work week (seriously, wtf?) stop you from celebrating your favorite holiday properly, the BOOzy way. Check out these spooky-delicious Halloween cocktails available around town tomorrow only. Cecconi’s and Compartes Chocolatier’s Cocktail Party: Satisfy your craving for bad Halloween candy (mm, fun size…

Erik Lund’s Cocktail Program at MessHall Los Feliz: No Club Drinks, No Shortcuts and No Olives

MessHall The Downtime by Caroline on Crack

Some things you won’t find at the cocktail bar in Los Feliz’s new and much–buzzed–about MessHall restaurant: standard martini glasses, olives and St. Germain elderflower liqueur. Why? Bar director Erik Lund (formerly of Rivera), who took over the cocktail program from Julian Cox, basically doesn’t want to serve club drinks (martini glasses “look so tacky,”…