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What To Drink at Chi Lin Restaurant

Chi Lin Kowloon Cooler by Caroline on Crack

When one thinks of where to do some fine craft cocktail drinking, Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood doesn’t immediately come to mind. (Well, except for Eveleigh.) For most Angelenos the Strip is for tourists, night-clubbers and the affluent coming down from the Hollywood Hills and Bel-Air. However, IDG’s Chi Lin, which opened up next door…

Should Chefs Get Involved in Cocktail Programs?

Spago cocktail by Caroline on Crack

I constantly ask myself this question but it came up again last night while I was checking out the cocktails at iconic L.A. restaurant Spago. Executive Corporate Chef/Managing Partner Lee Hefter is the man behind the cocktail menus at all of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants. So when the Beverly Hills restaurant reopened last year after its…

Petty Cash Taqueria: It’s Got What Cocktailing Vegetarians Crave

Petty Cash Banana Hammock by Caroline on Crack

It would be dumb to compare Bill Chait’s new 150-seat restaurant Petty Cash Taqueria to Playa, the Sedlar restaurant it’s replacing in that space on Beverly Boulevard. The two are completely and obviously different from food to decor to ambience.  There are now picnic tables, street art and shuffleboard! But when looking at it from…

Crossroads’ Playa-Caliber Vegan Cocktails by Jeremy Lake

Crossroads Sophia cocktail by Caroline on Crack

When Crossroads Kitchen first opened up on Melrose, I was so excited. Fine dining with vegan food by an Oprah-approved chef plus vegan cocktails? Being a vegetarian myself, I was sold! It’s nice to have that option of dressed-up vegan dining. Usually I’ll hit up M Cafe, Native Foods or Veggie Grill in my sweats….

What To Drink at Goldie’s LA

Goldie's Aperol Spritz cocktail by Caroline on Crack

I had heard about Brittini Rae Peterson’s cocktails at Goldie’s LA in Mid-City West since before the restaurant opened in March. Goldie’s is the newish restaurant by the guys behind The Eveleigh so it wasn’t a coincidence that The Eveleigh barman’s Dave Kupchinsky could not stop talking about them. Ran into him at Short Order…

Freddy Smalls’ Cocktails, Take 2: New Bar Guy, New Program

Freddy Smalls cocktail Conejo by Caroline on Crack

It’s no secret that I never really liked the cocktails at Freddy Smalls in West L.A. Overly fussy concoctions which tried too hard without really succeeding in tasting good. Thank goodness for the new bar guy. Johan Stein replaced Dave Fleisher back in February and has stripped down the drink list from a “what the…

Everything I Drank This Week: Rare $600 Balvenie to One-Year Barrel-Aged Negroni

Balvenie tasting by Caroline on Crack

Another great week of drinking, from making my own Southside at the Plymouth and Beefeater Ginvasion to checking out the guy who took over Matthew Biancaniello’s post at the Hollywood Roosevelt’s Library Bar to a Balvenie tasting with malt master David Stewart. Sunday Well really, a continuation of my Saturday dive bar hop. After going…

Craft Los Angeles: Cocktails With Substance Despite the Flash

Craft Backwoods Remedy by Caroline on Crack

For some reason I always thought that Craft Los Angeles was way more fancy and intimidating than it actually is. It’s the unofficial CAA cafeteria after all and has a Top Chef name attached to it. But truth be told, chef Tom Colicchio‘s high-profile spot in Century City offers a quiet, elegant bar with ample…

Last Night’s PKNY Cocktails at Sadie’s Guest Bartender Night

Trinidad Sour by Caroline on Crack

If you weren’t out at Sadie in Hollywood last night for the guest bartending stint of Giuseppe Gonzalez, co-owner of tiki destination PKNY (Painkiller New York), you missed out on some goood drinking. Sadie Director of Spirits Giovanni Martinez stood back and let the New York bartender have at his barware in the front bar. This night…

Spago Beverly Hills’ New Cocktail Program: Out With the Old Flavored Vodkas

Spago's Adios Nonino cocktail by Caroline on Crack

“Meh, they’re weak like restaurant cocktails,” I shrugged. “Well, come on now. Let’s be fair, they ARE restaurant cocktails,” replied Spago Beverly Hills Wine Director/Master Sommelier Chris Miller. Apparently my drinking companion, Aaron of Savory Hunter, and I had inadvertently ordered the “girl drinks” of the redone Spago’s brand-new cocktail menu. But with both restaurant-friendly…