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Villains Tavern’s New Fall Cocktail Menu: Strange Spirits Warm Your Soul

Lady Percy, a hot cocktail of pear cider goodness, was my absolute favorite off the list. Turns out it’s Dave’s favorite, too. Apparently, he went through six different pears to find the right flavor for this drink. Finally he settled on a combination of six Barlett pears with one Korean pear to get all that sweetness. And for spice, it relies on just a lone cinnamon stick. “I wasn’t going for spices,” says Dave. “Most ciders you’re going to find lots of big body spices in there. This one doesn’t really have a lot of spice. I really just wanted to bring out the pear itself.” And the result is a nicely balanced hot cider cocktail, not too much booze or too much sweet apple/pear-ness. It was the one cocktail that I really had a hard time putting down during the tasting. Would be perfect to warm your hands (and your soul) during a rainy day.

Best Birthday Gift: A Namesake Cocktail by Villains Tavern’s Dave Whitton

Bartender Dave Whitton of Villains Tavern and the Bar at Cliff’s Edge gave me what is perhaps one of the greatest birthday presents I’ve ever gotten. Ever. He created a cocktail to be served at my upcoming birthday party at Cliff’s Edge. But not only that, he came up with three different cocktails for me…