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Winners of Last Night’s Carpano Antica Formula Video Awards

Award show crowd from the podium by Caroline on Crack

The inaugural Carpano Antica Formula Video Awards, an award show featuring Fernet Branca and Carpano Antica-highlighted videos by bartenders, were last night. With six categories and 37 videos to cover in two hours, the show was a bit of a booze-infused but PG-13 whirlwind in spite of emcee Dan “The Imbiber” Dunn manning the helm….

Mixtape Mixology: Your Playlist for LA Boozing

Remember when “Bring Your Own iPod” nights were big in L.A. bars? Now it seems everyone’s resurrecting the good ol’ mixtape. Maaan, I used to make mixtapes for everything, road trips, breakups, my teen angst. Anyhoo, they’re back, well sorta. “Mixtape” is really just a new-old name for playlist but the idea of a theme…