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What To Drink Off The Eveleigh’s New Summer Cocktail Menu

Eveleigh Mustache Ride and David Kupchinsky by Caroline on Crack

I love summer but, truth be told, am not a huge fan of most summer cocktails. It’s for the simple reason that I don’t like ice in my drinks. Unless it’s a big, slow-melting rock. But pellet ice or cubes in a tall drink? Nah! With iced drinks I just feel compelled to suck them…

Eveleigh’s Brunch Cocktails: Don’t Underestimate Their Power

The Eveleigh's Cynar Julep by Caroline on Crack

Day drinking takes restraint, especially when the rest of your day involves doing something other than taking naps. But for someone like me who loves full-bodied cocktails that are stirred, it’s difficult to find satisfaction in most daytime cocktails. Meh-mosas. Fortunately when someone like bartender Dave Kupchinsky of Eveleigh is making the cocktails, there’s a…

10 Best L.A. Drinking Moments of 2011

Harvard & Stone by Caroline on Crack

2011 was a great year for drinking in L.A. with a slew of new insta-fave bars popping up, bartenders reconceptualizing bar programs and craft beer thankfully becoming even more accessible. I managed to narrow down my favorite drinking moments to the top 10. Here it is in descending order. Guess what No. 1 is? 10….

Farmers Market Sundays: The Eveleigh’s Weekly Farm-to-Bar Cocktails

Eveleigh's Kiowa and Doug by Caroline on Crack

Forget seasonal cocktail menus where the drinks are updated every three or four months tops,  The Eveleigh (one of my favorite places for brunch cocktails as a matter of fact) in West Hollywood is taking it to the next level with their Farmers Market Sundays, which kicked off last night. Each week starting at 5pm…

The Eveleigh: Liquid Brunch & Hangover Cures

As someone who’s not into scenes, look-at-me-ness or celebutards, I avoid the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood like I do babies and questionable rashes on people. But when a publicist used my two favorite words (“brunch” and “cocktails”) in her pitch to entice me to check out The Eveleigh (“eh-ver-lee”) — a newish restaurant by…