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Everything I Drank This Week: Fernet Luge to Magic Cocktails

Kentucky Bubblebath by Caroline on Crack

Cocktail log, stardate 2012.127: (I’ve always wanted to say that.) This week’s drinking adventures took me from an avant-garde cocktail class at SAAM to a Fernet luge at Cole’s to magic cocktails by Magic Castle bartenders. Saturday During a hosted look-see at the redone Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room in Thompson Beverly Hills, Beverage Manager…

Tequila Massage: Four Seasons Los Angeles Punta Mita Retreat

Four Seasons Punta Minta Retreat by Julie Wolfson

The 1 Percent have a tendency to do strange things with alcohol that doesn’t involve simply putting it into their mouths, like bathing in bubbly and, more recently, having vodka and 24K gold facials. But they can afford to use booze in ways normal folk would deem wasteful. So a tequila massage at a ritzy…