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How To Make Rose Rosé Wine Ice Cubes

Summer Water rose wine by Caroline on Crack

As if you really needed an excuse to drink rosé, it’s National Rosé Day tomorrow! This pink varietal has become the harbinger of the summer season, and not just straight out of the bottle but in cocktails, frozen rosé slushie (frosé!) and even as ice cubes. Now, when you Google “rosé wine ice cubes” all of the listings…

How To Take Tasty Instagram Food Photos

Don't Lick Your Screen

I’ve had the good fortune of being called out on Mashable and Huffington Post for being one of a select number (75 and 11 on the lists, respectively) of food-focused Instagram accounts worth following. I’m not a professional photographer, just someone who really wants to document and remember all the beautiful dishes and cocktails that…

5 Classic Cocktail Recipes You Should Know How To Make, Part 2

Roger Room's Damian Windsor and his Perfect Negroni by Caroline on Crack

So, folks, Friday’s Bloody Mary recipe on LA Magazine’s Digest blog was the last one of my Essential Cocktails series, making that 10 classic cocktail recipes everyone should have at their disposal. Hope you found the posts helpful and that they serve you well when you find yourself entertaining last-minute guests. “Anyone want a Prescription…

10 Things I Learned From 7 Years of Blogging on CoC

Aidan Demarest and me by Jennifer Low Photography

I’m not claiming to be an expert of anything by posting this list. Nope, these are just things I picked up during my seven years of blogging that I wanted to share. After all, this blog has come a long way from its beginnings of rants and long quoted passages, right? Riiight? At least I…

How To Make Watermelon White Pepper Shrub by Tasting Kitchen’s Justin Pike + Favorite Shrub Cocktails

Playa's A Vicious Rumor by Caroline on Crack

If you’re an extra observant drinker, you may have noticed this thing called “shrub” popping up on more and more cocktail menus around town. No, it’s not an actual bush in your drink, but rather a sweet and tart tincture or syrup made from a process that originated from ye olden times (aka Colonial America)….

How To Up Your Game via “Home Bar Basics” Cocktail Book

Home Bar Basics by Dave Stolte

With the growing popularity of craft cocktails thanks to bars like the Varnish and the sight of Ryan Gosling’s panty-dropping Old Fashioned making skills in last year’s Crazy Stupid Love, it was just a matter of time until your need for the perfect cocktail infiltrated your home bar. But as your bar, aka the spot…

10 Tips by Bartenders for Surviving Tales of the Cocktail 2012

Pablo Moix by Caroline on Crack

This year marks the 10th anniversary of New Orleans’ Tales of the Cocktail (July 25-29, 2012), THE must-do event for cocktail geeks and bartenders, and the first time I’ll be attending! So naturally I’m all about prepping my mind, body and especially my liver for it. I hear there’s A LOT of drinking. Especially at…

Life Lessons From Gadabout Aidan Demarest + Guest Tending Night With Christy Pope and Naomi Schimek

Aidan Demarest by Caroline on Crack

The best thing that’s ever happened to me was being stood up by Aidan Demarest, owner of Neat bar in Glendale and Stoli Elit ambassador. One night we were supposed to meet at Mixology 101 at the Farmers Market but after an hour and a cocktail and still no Aidan, I figured he was either…

7 Ways To Drink Like a Food/Cocktail Blogger

Most bloggers are expert drinkers. Hey, we like our booze. If there’s a cocktail tasting, a new bartender and a new bar, you can bet the crowd will be overrun by bloggers armed with cameras and recording devices. Naturally, that means we drink. A lot. And consequently, we know what we like and what we…

Gin Master Class Is in Session: How To Make The Eveleigh Cocktail With Beefeater Gin’s Erick Castro

Erick Castro by Caroline on Crack

Just because I know how to enjoy a well-made cocktail doesn’t mean I know how to make one. (Although I do make a mean Boulevardier, hee.) So when I was invited to the Gin Master Class hosted by Beefeater Gin at the Eveleigh bar/restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, you know I jumped at…