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Negroni Week Jell-O Shots, Pixie Sticks and Campari Ice Cubes

The Varnish's Negroni Jell-O Shots from The Varnish

Negroni Week is almost up, people! So better get on it asap! There aren’t just Negroni cocktails out there but crazy variations. Here are just a few of what’s available. Happy drinking! The Varnish downtown will be doing Negroni Jell-O shots through Sunday at $2 a jiggly shot and 50 percent of the proceeds will go…

Fernet Lightens Up in Summer Cocktails

Ink's Fernet Soda cocktail by Caroline on Crack

Italian amaro Fernet is an acquired taste with its bitter, pungent, aromatic nature. And yet, it’s Argentina’s liquor of choice (paired with Coke) and every bartender’s go-to. It’s for the hard-core. This summer, however, Fernet has lightened up and become more approachable with L.A. bartenders adding it to soda cocktails and desserty ones for your…