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10 Things I Learned From 7 Years of Blogging on CoC

Aidan Demarest and me by Jennifer Low Photography

I’m not claiming to be an expert of anything by posting this list. Nope, these are just things I picked up during my seven years of blogging that I wanted to share. After all, this blog has come a long way from its beginnings of rants and long quoted passages, right? Riiight? At least I…

The 7th Blogiversary Speech You Probably Won’t Hear Tonight

Hollywood intersection by Caroline on Crack

Like most people I’m deathly afraid of public speaking — dropped out of several public speaking classes because of this paralyzing fear — but every now and then I can tap into that part of myself that’s “Caroline on Crack,” my alter ego, the party girl who’s out and about town making new friends. But…