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5 Classic Cocktail Recipes You Should Know How To Make

Hinoki & The Bird's Sam Ross and his Manhattan by Caroline on Crack

This past December, my LA Magazine Digest blog editor Randy Clemens threw down a gauntlet: Come up with 10 classic cocktails that every cocktail noob should know how to make at home and write a post for each one including the cocktail recipe and where to get a great example of one in L.A. So…

Cocktail Recipe: Tom Kha-llins by Mixology 101’s Joseph Brooke

Mixology 101's Joseph Brooke by Caroline on Crack

At the LuckyRice Night Market this past Saturday, I found myself triple-fisting. I kept collecting cocktails from the likes of bartenders Rosie Ruiz at Big Bar and Jayme Mandeville from Drago Centro, and couldn’t bring myself to abandon any of them. But, after that one night in New Orleans during Tales, I knew that just…

What You’ll Be Drinking at Saturday’s LuckyRice Night Market LA

Drago Centro's Jaymee Mandeville by Caroline on Crack

This Saturday, Chef Sang Yoon of Lukshon and Father’s Office is hosting LuckyRice Night Market LA, the Los Angeles version of a New York City-based festival which celebrates Asian culinary culture. Culver City’s HD Buttercup in the Helms Bakery Building will be transformed into a traditional Asian night market complete with pagodas. Sure, our city…

Cocktail Classes by Salvatore Calabrese at Mixology 101

Mixology 101's Salvatore Calabrese by Caroline on Crack

Renowned London bartender Salvatore Calabrese (Salvatore’s at The Playboy) and LA’s own top bartender Joseph Brooke will be schooling cocktail geeks in the fine art of cocktail making. On June 25 and 26, Salvatore is coming in from London to join Joe back at Mixology 101 in the Farmers Market where they will teach “Journey…

Planet Dailies’ Mixology 101: A World-Class Cocktail Bar in a Mid-City Mall

Salvatore Calabrese by Caroline on Crack

It’s kind of risky naming a new bar after a buzzword, especially one that turns off cocktail geeks and booze writers, but if you let that stop you from checking out Mixology 101, the new Planet Dailies restaurant’s bar at the Farmers Market on 3rd, then you’ll be missing out on a world-class drink experience….

This Weekend: Evil Dead and Beer, Boozing for Charity, Caviar Party for the 1 Percent

Thursday, November 10 Pint Night and Evil Dead Double Feature at Naja’s Place Has any other such combination of words sounded more magical? Not only will Redondo Beach’s beer haven screen two of the best horror movies (so fun to watch with a group) but it’ll also debut a specialty beer from Smog City Brewing….

Announcing Table 20's Finalists for LA's Best Bartender Competition

May I present the best of the best in L.A. bartending: the finalists for Table 20’s LA’s Best Bartender Competition: Joe Brooke, Next Door Lounge – People’s Choice Justin Pike, Tasting Kitchen – Judges’ Selection Brian Summer, Harvard & Stone – Karlsson’s Cocktail Challenge Winner Devon Tarby, The Varnish – Judges’ Selection Daniel Zacharczuk, Bar…

Where Have All the L.A. Bartenders Gone? They’re in NOLA for Tales of the Cocktail 2011

Tricia Alley, Pablo Moix, Mia Sarazen by Caroline on Crack

If you’re a cocktail geek, chances are you’ve heard of the annual Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans and even plan your social calendar around it. Every year drink slingers, liquor companies and cocktail enthusiasts do their liver stretches and build up their alcohol tolerance before descending on the Big Easy for booze-fueled…

The Bartender Next Door: Joseph Brooke at Hollywood’s New Next Door Lounge

Next Door Lounge Joe Brooke by Caroline on Crack

I first remembered barman Joseph Brooke’s name when he worked with Vincenzo Marianella at Copa d’Oro in 2009. I had seen him around before but since I’m horrible with names I couldn’t remember his. One night at Copa he had just finished telling me about how he was competing on this new reality show, On…

Winning Tastes: Charlie Sheen Cocktails by LA Bartenders

Charlie Sheen meme. I was over it before it even started and I definitely didn’t want to jump on the Twitter bandwagon by hashtagging everything with “winning” (ugh, kill me) or follow his Twitter. But when I saw this story about how New York bartenders like Christy Pope and Chad Solomon of Cuff and Buttons…