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10 Things I Learned From 7 Years of Blogging on CoC

Aidan Demarest and me by Jennifer Low Photography

I’m not claiming to be an expert of anything by posting this list. Nope, these are just things I picked up during my seven years of blogging that I wanted to share. After all, this blog has come a long way from its beginnings of rants and long quoted passages, right? Riiight? At least I…

The 7th Blogiversary Speech You Probably Won’t Hear Tonight

Hollywood intersection by Caroline on Crack

Like most people I’m deathly afraid of public speaking — dropped out of several public speaking classes because of this paralyzing fear — but every now and then I can tap into that part of myself that’s “Caroline on Crack,” my alter ego, the party girl who’s out and about town making new friends. But…

Favorite Drinks in New Orleans and at Tales of the Cocktail 2012

Sazerac Bar's 1840 Sazerac by Caroline on Crack

I’ve had to drink many things the three and a half days I was in New Orleans for annual cocktail industry palooza Tales of the Cocktail, many. But despite all the cocktail events and bars I went to, so many “soldiers” (aka drinks I didn’t finish) I left behind, only the following were the ones…

You’re Invited: 7th Blogiversary Party at Formosa Cafe

Caroline on Crack's 7th Anniversary by Efren Gerard Pardilla

August 2, 2012 marks the seventh year I’ve been blogging while “on Crack.” Looking back at that first post in 2005 I’d like to think I’ve come a long way as it only had two lines of original content, with my first words being “I wanna go here!” Oh so compelling stuff. Heh. Regardless, I…

My Tales of the Cocktail 2012 Drinking Itinerary

10th Annual Tales of the Cocktail

If you’re not going to Tales of the Cocktail 2012, the annual cocktail industry boozefest in New Orleans, this week you might want to skip over this post because it’ll make you soo jealous. I should know because for years I had to gaze enviously at all the TOTC Tweets, Facebook updates and blog posts…

Haunted Bars in LA: Boos With Your Booze

Haunted Bar One-Eyed Gypsy's Estrella fortune teller by Efren Gerard Pardilla

Hot new bars and clubs come and go in L.A. but sometimes certain patrons stay long past the final closing time. I’m talking ghosts. Historic venues like the Hollywood Roosevelt, Yamashiro and Venice’s Del Monte Speakeasy are teeming with spirits. With the long and colorful history our city, ahem, possesses, it was bound to happen….

LA Weekend Events July 7-July 10: Hello Kitty Yogurt, Hollywood Night Market, Freebie for Freakishly Tall

Hello Kitty at Yogurtland

I know, I know. I’m late! Saturday, July 7 Freakishly Tall People Get a Free Meal at BierBeisl For the month of July, BierBeisl, the hot Austrian restaurant in Beverly Hills, is offering free meals! The catch, however, is that you have to be taller than its 6’7″ chef Bernard Mairinger. So not fair. The…

What Formosa Cafe Regulars Drink: Before & After the Remodel

Formosa Cafe's Midori Sour by Caroline on Crack

New Formosa Cafe bar manager Kate Grutman, formerly of Sotto, wants the regulars at the Hollywood landmark to know that she’s not the devil. She took over the cocktail program there much to the chagrin of the folks who have been patronizing the bar for years, some even decades. “If I even see a jigger,…

This Weekend: Foie for Your Right, Sake Tasting, Formosa Cafe Decades Parties


Los Angeles weekend events for your consideration. Have a great one! Thursday, May 31 Formosa’s “Decades” Launch Party Kickoff The historic Formosa Cafe is relaunching and kicking things off with a series of decade-themed parties, starting tonight with a ’40s theme. And then each subsequent night will progress to the following decades — ’50s, ’70s,…