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Last Night’s The Taste Finale Screening Party With Chef Ludo Lefebvre at Animal

The Taste's Chef Ludo by Caroline on Crack

Last night, ABC’s reality cooking competition show The Taste aired its Season 2 finale where the best of the best — narrowed down to four chefs Jeff, Lee, Louise and Marina — were pitted against each other one last time, all while mentored by cooking legend Jacques Pepin. I’ve followed both seasons of this show,…

What Was Your First Favorite Cocktail?

White Russians by Caroline on Crack

Every drinker had to start somewhere. That first favorite cocktail that set them on the long road to boozing. That mixed drink that back then they’d proudly order at those first few bars, but now they may hang their head in embarrassment. ┬áBut they shouldn’t be ashamed. Back then we started drinking for different reasons,…

Drinking Game for Tomorrow’s Ludo Bites America Redondo Beach Episode

Chef Ludo Lefebvre by Caroline on Crack

Tomorrow, August 23 on the Sundance Channel’s “Ludo Bites America,” L.A.’s pop-up king, Chef Ludo Lefebvre, is taking his cross-country Ludo Bites back to SoCal when he sets up shop in, Casa Pulido, a family-run Mexican restaurant in Redondo Beach. I got a sneak peek of the episode thanks to Sundance and it was the…