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Should Chefs Get Involved in Cocktail Programs?

Spago cocktail by Caroline on Crack

I constantly ask myself this question but it came up again last night while I was checking out the cocktails at iconic L.A. restaurant Spago. Executive Corporate Chef/Managing Partner Lee Hefter is the man behind the cocktail menus at all of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants. So when the Beverly Hills restaurant reopened last year after its…

Spago Beverly Hills’ New Cocktail Program: Out With the Old Flavored Vodkas

Spago's Adios Nonino cocktail by Caroline on Crack

“Meh, they’re weak like restaurant cocktails,” I shrugged. “Well, come on now. Let’s be fair, they ARE restaurant cocktails,” replied Spago Beverly Hills Wine Director/Master Sommelier Chris Miller. Apparently my drinking companion, Aaron of Savory Hunter, and I had inadvertently ordered the “girl drinks” of the redone Spago’s brand-new cocktail menu. But with both restaurant-friendly…

What Changes to Expect in the New Spago: New Menu, Cocktail Program, Wine Cellar

Spago 1.0 by Caroline on Crack

OK, normally I only write about interviews where I can actually reveal my sources. I ain’t Eater. But when someone I was talking to, a reliable source familiar with the whole situation at Spago and close to the Wolfgang Puck restaurants, gave me details of the new changes at the premier Beverly Hills dining destination,…