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Giveaway: Tickets to LA Magazine’s Caroline on Crack 10th Blogiversary Party

This August marked the 10th anniversary of this blog Caroline on Crack. To put that in perspective, I remember when Sprinkles first started the cupcake craze in L.A., when Seven Grand first opened, and when the Kogi BBQ food truck first hit the streets. That’s a decade of drinking, eating and blogging in L.A. It’s…

Where To Drink in Hollywood: Power House, Lost Property, Sassafras Saloon

Sassafras Saloon's Talking Bird by Caroline on Crack

Oh lawdy, Hollywood has gotten a whole bunch of new drinking options! This week for Los Angeles Magazine‚Äôs Liquid LA alone I covered three new cocktail programs created by high-caliber bartenders. And the best part is that all three bars are within walking distance of each other! OK, maybe it’ll be a long walk in…

What To Make With Matthew Biancaniello’s Coffee Cynar

Matthew Biancaniello by Caroline on Crack

For my Los Angeles Magazine Liquid LA post today, I shared mixmaster Matthew Biancaniello’s recipe for his coffee Cynar. A recipe so simple, mixing two things that naturally seem perfect together! I had had it again recently and knew I had to learn how to finally make it myself so I’d have a never-ending supply….

Welcome to Liquid LA: LA Magazine’s New Drink-Focused Blog

Liquid LA: Your guide to drinking in the city photo by Caroline on Crack

Starting today I’m no longer blogging for Los Angeles Magazine’s Digest blog! Nope. Because now you’ll be able to find my drink posts on the magazine site’s brand-new booze-dedicated blog, Liquid LA! Fitting that it launches on an alcoholiday, no? I’ll be covering the cocktail beat while craft beer guru and fellow LA Mag blogger…

All the Cocktail Gift Guides for Your Favorite Boozer

Drinkify by Home Bar Basics' Dave Stolte

Oh noes! Only a week left til Christmas! It snuck up on us there. If you STILL haven’t shopped for your cocktail loving friends and had hoped to actually give them something other than a bottle of booze for a change this year, lucky for you it seems that every food and drink blog out…

Los Angeles Magazine’s Social Hour at Cliff’s Edge

Los Angeles Magazine Social Hour

Come party with me and Los Angeles Magazine Dining Editor Lesley Bargar Suter next Wednesday at Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake for the first of many of the publication’s “Social Hour” parties. One of my favorite bartenders, Matthew Biancaniello, will not only be doing up his special and unique cocktails (including a Filipino one), but…

A Closer Look at Chateau Marmont Hotel Bar’s Secret Cocktails

Chateau Marmont's Matt Schaefer by Caroline on Crack

The iconic Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard always feels as if it’s out of my league. Just like Ryan Gosling, the beautiful Chateau could never be my regular hang. And last year when word got out that the hotel had a new bar that only those in the know could get into, it made sense…

5 Classic Cocktail Recipes You Should Know How To Make

Hinoki & The Bird's Sam Ross and his Manhattan by Caroline on Crack

This past December, my LA Magazine Digest blog editor Randy Clemens threw down a gauntlet: Come up with 10 classic cocktails that every cocktail noob should know how to make at home and write a post for each one including the cocktail recipe and where to get a great example of one in L.A. So…

The Tequila Lover’s Margarita Recipe by Bartender Cari Hah

Tequila lover Cari Hah by Caroline on Crack

Nothing celebrates Friday like a Margarita recipe, right? For my latest “Essential Cocktails” post for Los Angeles Magazine‘s Digest blog, which went up this morning, I interviewed Las Perlas’ Raul Yrastorza on how to make and where to find the best margarita. Check it out and either make it for yourself today or make a…

How To Celebrate National Hot Buttered Rum Day in LA

Drago Centro's Soul of Mayahuel by Caroline on Crack

LA has been suffering from a long bout of chilly temperatures. I don’t care if it IS supposed to be winter, I was so over it! And then, wouldn’t you know it, just as soon as it’s finally National Hot Buttered Rum Day again, we get the high 70s. But don’t let that stop you…