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Best Brussels Sprouts I’ve Ever Had + Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Best Brussels Sprouts Recipes by Caroline on Crack

My current obsession is brussels sprouts but not the steamed or boiled varieties. No, I specifically LOVE brussels sprout CHIPS. The crisp leaves baked/roasted in an oven are UH-mazing. In fact, the burned-looking ones are the best. Ever since I had a big ol’ bowl of them at Craft in Century City, I could not…

Blog Bite: Mohawk Bend’s Elvis French Toast

Mohawk Bend's Elvis French toast by Caroline on Crack

It may disappoint debaucherous diners to hear that the Elvis French toast on Mohawk Bend’s brunch menu isn’t as evil as it sounds. As with all things blessed with Elvis’ name, this brunch item is made with the King’s favorite sandwich fixings. Here it’s bananas between two pieces of French toast, a side of peanut…

Stay for the Beer: Boho, Mohawk Bend, Rosewood Tavern

Rosewood Tavern beer flight by Caroline on Crack

Being a foodist, you get pretty particular…OK, anal about your restaurant experience. Does the server fill your water glass in a timely manner, does the waitress give you a five-minute warning before last call for happy hour,  how’s the price-to-portion ratio? So when I come across a restaurant where the overpriced food is less than…