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Favorite Drinks From Hawaii Cocktail Week in Honolulu

Blue Hawaiian by Caroline on Crack

When one thinks of Hawaii, craft cocktails don’t come to mind. Nope, you think quickly thrown-together “tiki” cocktails with all kinds of pineapple wedges and tiny umbrellas cocktail-blocking your way to a diabetic coma. When you don’t explore outside of the resorts and touristy areas, that’s what you’ll get. But Hawaii Cocktail Week* (February 16-23)…

Favorite Drinks in Portland and Portland Cocktail Week 2012

RumDood at Rum Club by Caroline on Crack

This week was the 3rd Annual Portland Cocktail Week but my first time attending. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t as hot, sticky or debaucherous as Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Not as many crazy parties nor were there spirited dinners or tasting rooms. Just good wholesome fun…wait, I take that back, there were strippers. But…