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Giveaway: Bored to Death Wine Detective Challenge Blind Tasting at Pourtal

Yes, yet another giveaway. Well, what better way to show that I love you crackheads than by giving you the chance to win stuff? This giveaway will win you entry to an exclusive event at Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar in Santa Monica. It’s so exclusive that only 70 lucky people get to go. Ten of…

This Weekend: Pourtal's $4.29 BBQ, Derby Day Beachside, French Wine Tasting

Here I am trying to lose weight and everything and a majority of the events going on this weekend have to do with food and drinking. Ah well. Enjoy! Thursday, April 29 Pourtal’s One-Year Anniversary Wine & BBQ Can’t believe that it’s already been a year since Santa Monica?s Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar first opened….

Boozing Writers' Parties: The Imbiber and the Bubbly Girl

Photo by Bert Stern The Imbiber’s Ultimate Playmate Fantasy Wine Tour at Pourtal Playboy‘s bad boy boozing columnist and author of the must-read adventures-in-drinking memoir Nobody Likes a Quitter, Dan Dunn is kicking off what is most definitely the sexiest wine tasting tour in the history of the world. Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar in Santa…