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Pressed Juicery Juice Cleanse Diaries: Days 2 and 3

Empty Pressed Juicery Juice bottles by Caroline on Crack

How difficult is it for someone to go on a juice cleanse, especially someone whose cocktail intake exceeds the amount defined for binge drinking, who starts every morning with a big mug of black coffee and who doesn’t count it as breakfast unless there’s some bacon involved? Surprisingly not that hard. I “survived” Pressed Juicery’s…

Pressed Juicery Juice Cleanse Diaries: Day One

Pressed Juicery juice cleanse by Caroline on Crack

OK, so I picked up my Pressed Juicery cleanse yesterday with trepidation and fear. Trepidation, because how can I possibly survive without bacon, coffee and booze for nine days; and fear over how my body will react to an all-juice diet. Now, why am I doing this cleanse? Definitely not to lose weight as any…

Hitting Reset: Pressed Juicery’s New Year’s Juice Cleanse Deal

Pressed Juicery by Caroline on Crack

2012 was a truly debaucherous year for me. (I present Exhibit A: my post of all the drinks I loved in 2012.) So when I heard about Pressed Juicery‘s special New Year’s Day juice cleanse deal, I was all about it. For someone who has never done an all-juice diet or cleanse before but was…