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5 Fancypants Happy Hours: Comme Ca to Spago on the Cheap

AOC's happy hour cocktail by Caroline on Crack

There comes a moment in a drinker’s life when happy hour loses its appeal, when you’d rather pay full price for a well-made cocktail than $5 for a joyless one. That’s where I am. But recently it seems lots of high-end joints are coming to the dark discounted side, offering their fancy, quality drinks and…

SLS’s SAAM Avant Garde Cocktail Class With Rob Floyd

SLS's Pirate Cocktail Class by Caroline on Crack

After having taken two of Bar Centro lead bartender Rob Floyd‘s monthly “Cocktail Fundamentals” classes* at SLS Hotel’s SAAM, I’m convinced he’s the John Keating of cocktail schooling. For those who don’t remember that 1989 movie Dead Poets Society, John Keating, played brilliantly by Robin Williams, was the professor whose infectious love of poetry inspired…

Everything I Drank This Week: Fernet Luge to Magic Cocktails

Kentucky Bubblebath by Caroline on Crack

Cocktail log, stardate 2012.127: (I’ve always wanted to say that.) This week’s drinking adventures took me from an avant-garde cocktail class at SAAM to a Fernet luge at Cole’s to magic cocktails by Magic Castle bartenders. Saturday During a hosted look-see at the redone Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room in Thompson Beverly Hills, Beverage Manager…