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£10 Macallan Bar at the Montage: What and How To Drink for Your First Visit

Macallan 10 Pound Jimmy Mac cocktail by Caroline on Crack

Don’t be intimidated by £10 (10 Pound Macallan Bar), the Beverly Hills Macallan-dedicated bar located in the Montage upstairs from Scarpetta restaurant. Sure, it has fanciness the average drinker can’t fathom like Lalique touches throughout the bar and glassware, the world’s most expensive whiskey ($64,000 for 2 ounces of a Macallan 64 Years Old) tucked in the…

Dive Barfly Reports on Macallan Tasting at Exclusive 10 Pound Bar in Beverly Hills

Ever since 10 Pound (£10), the Macallan exclusive bar, opened up at the Montage Beverly Hills earlier this year, I’ve been dying to get my grubby, unmanicured hands on its Scotch glasses. But since I’m on a broke girl budget, I could only fantasize about hitting up this reservations-only bar with its $50 minimum.

So when an invite to a special Macallan event came my way I impetuously said, “Yes! Yes! Oh yes!” Unfortunately I had completely forgotten that I was going out of town that same night. Argh! Not wanting this coveted invitation to go to waste I asked my friend, David (@kleemo) if he minded drinking fine Scotch in a private Beverly Hills bar for me. Unsurprisingly he acquiesced. Turns out he had a date scheduled that night but the two didn’t mind the fancy detour.

This Weekend: Fancy Grilled Cheese/Beer Pairing, Neverending Drink-Along, Lomo Pub Crawl

The LA Marathon is this Sunday but for all other non-athletic types (raises hand) here’s a bunch of fattening fun for you. Thursday, March 17 Scoops Westside Goes Irish These special holiday flavors are sure to get your Irish eyes smiling: green white chocolate, non-dairy pandan Oreo, Bailey’s Irish Cream ricotta, Guinness chocolate. It’s so…

Silverlake Wine's Scotch Tasting at Three Clubs

I was so bummed that I had to miss Silverlake Wine‘s rum tasting last week since I was at the tail end of my booze fast so imagine my glee when I heard that everyone’s favorite wine store is doing a Scotch tasting just next week! THAT I can do! Signatory Scotch brand ambassador Ed…

This Weekend: LA Weekly Tweetup, 24-Hour Oscars, Scotch Tasting

Such a jampacked weekend! And I’m just talking about the 5K/10K Firecracker Run on Sunday as well as the Gold Standard. But here’s what’s going on the other days of the week. Thursday, February 25 LA Weekly Web Awards Tweetup: A Post-Party Get Together As many of you know I was banned from 7G nearly…

This Weekend: Free Cupcakes, Walking in LA, Sake & Scotch Tastings

Aaah! The weekend before blogger prom. While I’ll be shopping for the finishing touches on my prom dress, you’ll probably be having fun doing the following. Thursday, July 16 Japanology I: How to Order Sake and Impress People Learn how to order sake and enjoy sake flights at everyone’s favorite Japanese maid tea house, Royal/T….