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Day Drinking: New Brunch Cocktails at The Pikey

The Pikey day drinking cocktail Curry Mary by Caroline on Crack

It’s no secret that brunch is my absolute favorite meal. I look forward to it all week because what could be better than having both breakfast AND cocktails? If only it was every day. Throw that in with an outdoor patio where I can bring my dog Mya and I’m in heaven. The Pikey‘s patio…

Does Jones Hollywood Have the Best Apple Pie in LA?

Jones Apple Pie by Caroline on Crack

What’s your favorite place for apple pie in L.A.? Wherever it is, I bet it’s some diner, bakery, hot new restaurant or coffee shop and definitely not a bar. But after tasting the infamous apple pie at Jones Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard (not Joan’s on Third), your mind will be blown. Now, Jones, a…

Il Covo Restaurant in West Hollywood: A Decadent Den of Dating Diners, Italian Cocktails and Truffle Ravioli

It wasn’t supposed to be date night. As far as bf and I were concerned he was just accompanying me on a hosted dinner at Sean MacPherson and Jared Meisler’s (Jones, Roger Room) newish West Hollywood Italian restaurant, Il Covo. But then the hostess lead us to a corner table on the candlelit patio. All the surrounding tables were taken up by cooing, starry-eyed couples. Basket-weaved lanterns swung gently from the trees. Sexy music filled the air. It was all so romantic.