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Soho House’s Picante de la Casa: Cocktail Recipe for Your BBQ

Picante de la Casa courtesy of Soho House

For Los Angeles Magazine‘s Grilling Week, I was charged with coming up with a post that highlighted some of the best cocktails to make at your barbecue party, you know, drinks that paired well with all that smoked/grilled meats. Because sometimes you want more than beer with your ‘cue. Fortunately a few of the best…

How To Entertain Like a Soho House Member: DIY Truffles and Grey Goose Cocktails

Soho House by Caroline on Crack

Not many Average Joes and Janes make it past the model-gorgeous front desk girls of the┬áSoho House in West Hollywood. This international clubhouse (there are 16 clubs around the world) is strictly members only. And even then you have to be a certain caliber of celebrity and cha-ching to make it onto their roster. Knowing…