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Last Night at Spare Room’s 2nd Annual Boxing Day Social

Big Boxing Day Social Winners by Caroline on Crack

I am now the owner of a brand-new $100 bar tab at Spare Room with an hour of bowling and a round of drinks at the Magic Castle with bartender Joshua Lucas! I scored the winning bid in a hard fought bidding war against Hemingway’s big guy Alex Straus. He don’t scare me! Oh yes,…

Champagne Punch Recipes on LA Magazine Digest

Punch! by Caroline on Crack

Looking for a way to get your New Year’s Eve party guests to ooh and aah? Luckily some of LA’s top punch makers — Naomi Schimek of Spare Room, Allan Katz of Cana Rum Bar and Vincenzo Marianella of Copa d’Oro — were kind enough to share their champagne punch recipes with me for Los…

LA Weekend Events October 18 to October 22: Cheap Comme Ca Cocktails, Fanciest Chess Match

Hollis Bulleit sporting her fab headdress by Caroline on Crack

Is it still summer or is it now fall? With this crazy weather, who can tell? In any case, this weekend is going to be jampacked with lots of yum times for indoors and outdoors. Too bad I’ll be out of town for Portland Cocktail Week! Well, have fun holding down the fort with these…

Bon Appetit Los Angeles Grub Crawl Cocktail Roundup + Recipes

Spare Room's Naomi Schimek by Caroline on Crack

Last weekend Bon Appetit teamed up with Belvedere Vodka and Chase Sapphire to kick off its inaugural Bon Appetit Los Angeles Grub Crawl, one of only three cities hosting the food tours. The other two cities being Brooklyn and New Orleans. For L.A. they broke the city down into three food tour areas: Downtown, Hollywood/West…

Haunted Bars in LA: Boos With Your Booze

Haunted Bar One-Eyed Gypsy's Estrella fortune teller by Efren Gerard Pardilla

Hot new bars and clubs come and go in L.A. but sometimes certain patrons stay long past the final closing time. I’m talking ghosts. Historic venues like the Hollywood Roosevelt, Yamashiro and Venice’s Del Monte Speakeasy are teeming with spirits. With the long and colorful history our city, ahem, possesses, it was bound to happen….

Cocktail Social Calendar: Sangrita Kickoff Party at Neat, Guest Tiki Series at Spare Room, Mirabelle $2 Cocktail

Marcos Tello by Caroline on Crack

Usually I save events for my weekend roundups but these cocktail events take place this week, starting tonight! Tonight 5-7pm: Boozeday Tuesday Kicks Off at Ford’s Filling Station Mixologist Joel Black (Comme Ca, Three Clubs) has taken over the cocktail program at this Culver City gastropub and is bringing the booze. Every week, starting tonight,…

Life Lessons From Gadabout Aidan Demarest + Guest Tending Night With Christy Pope and Naomi Schimek

Aidan Demarest by Caroline on Crack

The best thing that’s ever happened to me was being stood up by Aidan Demarest, owner of Neat bar in Glendale and Stoli Elit ambassador. One night we were supposed to meet at Mixology 101 at the Farmers Market but after an hour and a cocktail and still no Aidan, I figured he was either…

Going Native: LA Staycations at Palihotel Melrose, Figueroa Hotel and Hollywood Roosevelt

Palihouse Melrose by Caroline on Crack

Recently I’ve become a big fan of vacationing in my own town, or “staycationing” as the kids are calling it these days. What better way to get to know Los Angeles’ neighborhoods than shacking up for a bit and exploring the surroundings? Sure, it’s an exercise in luxury but then again, if you can find…

Spring Drinking: Roundup of Spring Cocktails in LA

Roger Room's Jason Bran by Caroline on Crack

Spring is in the air. Huzzah! Sure, we Angelenos have been lucky enough to not have to suffer through any drawn-out winter storms but rather some minor wet inconveniences and that annoying time change. Still, it’s nice to be able to sit at rooftop and poolside bars again, no? To celebrate, bartenders across our city…

Boozy Woos: How To Romance an LA Woman Bartender

Naomi Schimek by Caroline on Crack

An LA woman bartender has heard every pick-up line and has seen every flirtatious move in her bar. So it’s no wonder it can be a little intimidating to try and romance her. But I asked some of our gorgeous lady bartenders in Los Angeles what’s the best way to woo them and consequently, every…