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Best of L.A. Cupcakes Tour With Bloggers and Chevy

Happy National Cupcake Day! Yup, that’s today. And last Saturday I celebrated it early with a bunch of bloggers via a “best of L.A.” cupcakes tour thanks to Tara of Tara Met Blogs/LA Cupcake Meetup and Chevrolet. She normally does cupcake meetups at one location at a time but the carmaker was willing to supply…

This Weekend: Free Cupcakes, Walking in LA, Sake & Scotch Tastings

Aaah! The weekend before blogger prom. While I’ll be shopping for the finishing touches on my prom dress, you’ll probably be having fun doing the following. Thursday, July 16 Japanology I: How to Order Sake and Impress People Learn how to order sake and enjoy sake flights at everyone’s favorite Japanese maid tea house, Royal/T….