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Favorite Vegetarian Bites at 2013 LA Food and Wine

Border Grill at LA Food & Wine by Caroline on Crack

Yes, there actually were things for me to eat at the 2013 LA Food and Wine event. As a vegetarian, that’s rarely the case at these big food fests as I am only a vocal minority. A “food blogger” who doesn’t eat meat or seafood, wuuut? Foodies and chefs love meat. That just means I…

Should Chefs Get Involved in Cocktail Programs?

Spago cocktail by Caroline on Crack

I constantly ask myself this question but it came up again last night while I was checking out the cocktails at iconic L.A. restaurant Spago. Executive Corporate Chef/Managing Partner Lee Hefter is the man behind the cocktail menus at all of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants. So when the Beverly Hills restaurant reopened last year after its…