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My 50 Favorite Cocktails of 2012

49 The Eveleigh's Cynar Julep by Caroline on Crack

I had a lot to do today but for some reason I felt compelled to do this post. 2012 was a kickass awesome year for me. I went to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans and Portland Cocktail Week for the first time, got a nice LA Weekly Web Award, my Drink Here app…

Everything I Drank This Week: Fernet Luge to Magic Cocktails

Kentucky Bubblebath by Caroline on Crack

Cocktail log, stardate 2012.127: (I’ve always wanted to say that.) This week’s drinking adventures took me from an avant-garde cocktail class at SAAM to a Fernet luge at Cole’s to magic cocktails by Magic Castle bartenders. Saturday During a hosted look-see at the redone Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room in Thompson Beverly Hills, Beverage Manager…

Working the Nightshift Cocktail at The Parish Los Angeles

The Parish's The Nightshift by Caroline on Crack

For the uninitiated (me) walking up to Tasting Kitchen chef Casey Lane’s new downtown Los Angeles bar/restaurant, The Parish, can cause a bit of confusion. You see a wedge of an eatery with lots of windows and sparse seating pointing out toward the intersection where Spring and Main connect at 9th street. That’s it?! Where’s…

How To Make Watermelon White Pepper Shrub by Tasting Kitchen’s Justin Pike + Favorite Shrub Cocktails

Playa's A Vicious Rumor by Caroline on Crack

If you’re an extra observant drinker, you may have noticed this thing called “shrub” popping up on more and more cocktail menus around town. No, it’s not an actual bush in your drink, but rather a sweet and tart tincture or syrup made from a process that originated from ye olden times (aka Colonial America)….

Cold Comfort Cocktails: Roundup of Winter Cocktails in L.A.

Nothing says cozy winter nights like a hot toddy or Irish coffee. But in L.A. thanks to our industrious and highly skilled bartenders, we’ve got so many new favorite winter cocktails to choose from. Will it be 1886’s spicy hot chocolate, Playa’s mescal nog, the Roof on Wilshire’s Earl Grey hot toddy? Here’s the roundup…

Who Did It Better: The Bruery's Black Tuesday vs. Taste of Abbot Kinney?

This past week I was lucky enough to get the chance to attend two popular events: the 2nd Annual Taste of Abbot Kinney this past Sunday and last night’s Black Tuesday release party at the Bruery in Placentia. Both events anticipated huge crowds but handled them very differently; one successfully and the other dismally. Oddly…