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Tiki Night Drink Series Returns to Spare Room This Wednesday

Spare Room Blue Drink by Caroline on Crack

The Tiki game is very strong this year at the Hollywood Roosevelt’s Spare Room. For the sixth season of the annual Tiki night series “An Evening of Tiki,” the stellar lineup of guest bartenders will be visiting¬†from the likes of “World’s Best Bar” Dead Rabbit and Seattle’s Navy Strength and bringing their unique takes on…

10 Lady Bartenders Commandeer Harvard and Stone for Charity

Lindsay Nader by Caroline on Crack

Every smart man knows that one of the many things you NEVER ask a woman, along with how much she weighs or how old she is, is if it’s THAT time of the month. Unless, of course, you’re talking about this hot lady bartender shindig tonight, in which case, ask away. Yes, it IS that…