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Haunted Bars in LA: Boos With Your Booze

Haunted Bar One-Eyed Gypsy's Estrella fortune teller by Efren Gerard Pardilla

Hot new bars and clubs come and go in L.A. but sometimes certain patrons stay long past the final closing time. I’m talking ghosts. Historic venues like the Hollywood Roosevelt, Yamashiro and Venice’s Del Monte Speakeasy are teeming with spirits. With the long and colorful history our city, ahem, possesses, it was bound to happen….

10 Tips on How To Throw an Awesome Blogger Prom

Word on the Tweet says that last week’s 2010 Blogger Prom: Hollywood Confidential at Yamashiro was a smashing success. And while the glamorously dressed blogger attendees that night enjoyed the beautiful venue, the yummy nosh, tasty drinks and each other’s company and thanked us for putting on such an event, they might not really know…

Blogger Prom 2010: Hollywood Confidential at Yamashiro

Ever wanted to have a fancy night out on the town, I’m talking being decked out in glamorous duds with your ‘do perfectly coiffed? Well on Wednesday, September 22, 2010, a select group of bloggers will get the chance to do just that. Today the Blogger Prom Committee, of which I am a member, announced…